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The Pursglove One-Name Study was started by Paul Pursglove in 1982 as a means of developing a family tree lineage and relating it to other family branches within the Pursglove Family.

John Pursglove married Hannah Whitehead on 25/12/1879
Daniel Pursglove
Elizabeth Pursglove
John William Pursglove (
Paul's grandfather)

Hannah Whitehead died intestate at Maxey near Peterborough leaving a small house and a small amount of money.   In 1977 a company of genealogists contacted known descendents and distributed the proceeds of Hannah's estate for a percentage fee.  The large number of descendents meant that the share of the estate was not significant, but a basic family tree was sent to all concerned and this was the basis for the start of the study.

In 1996, the family tree was put on-line as a simple website.  This was developed into a list of source information arranged by county and town/village.  This format has not been satisfactory, but it is difficult to develop a means of suiting all users.

To resolve some of the conflicts in information and the difficulty of searching the data, a database was created to allow the names to be searched on-line in 2012.  The overall format was updated in 2013 and the addition of data to the file is on-going.

Currently,  a name can be found using the database Name Search and this will give identity numbers for any individuals found.  A second search, using the identity numbers will show known family relationships.  This will also give location codes.
By going to the county pages concerned, other records can be seen in context.  The database individual identity numbers are given against key family members on the county pages.  Not all individuals have yet been linked into family groups.

Additions and amendments can be made by sending information or images to the webmaster via the contact page E-mail address.